Except for the DDNP based large rifle primer, large rifle primers produce stronger blast waves than small primers, and “magnum” rifle primers (Fed 215M, CCI 250) produce stronger blast waves than non-magnum primers of the same size. Different primer types have significant differences in their standard deviations, and it is CCI #400 small rifle primers Reamed primer pockets w/ drill and SR primer pocket uniformer (not ideal) Primers installed with RCBS hand primer using #34 shellholder Measured powder digitally w/ RCBS750 and verified on gravity beam scale (RCBS 10-10) Did NOT trim cases – all were within .010″ of spec trim to length. 5.1gr Longshot Low: 2119 fps
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  • Advise use CCI 34 primers to prevent slamfires* *care must be taken when choosing brass as mil spec and commercial cases have different volumes- work up loads.* *190 grain bullet load data is for long range and are for bullets seated longer than mag length*
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  • Apr 17, 2010 · All of my manuals recommend CCI 300 Large pistol primers. I have 1000 Federal 150 Large pistol primers. Questions: 1. Will the Federal 150 primers work? 2. Are there any specific changes to the load data ie powder weight, bullet depth etc? 3. Would it be a good idea to start at the lower end of the charge weight and work up?
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  • I freely exchange Win 209, CCI 209, Cheddite and Fiocchi without any worry. I have never used Remington primers simply because I've never seen any for sale. People have told me over the years that Rem 209's are a "colder" primer but that's only hear-say.
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  • Federal No.215 Gold Medal Small Rifle Primers (pk 1000) Gold Medal primers are manufactured to exacting tolerances, providing the same high-quality components and optimum ignition that make Federal Premium Gold Medal cartridges the choice of match shooters everywhere.
Jan 08, 2006 · Shotgunners buy a whole bunch more primers than do muzzleloader shooters. In this picture you can see the different profiles of each of the primers. Left to right are CCI 209M, Win 209, Fed 209A, and Rem STS. In this picture you can see the difference in the dimentions. This is a list I got from Hodgdon a few years ago about 209 Primer temperature. CCI states: "The CCI 400 primer does have a thinner cup bottom than CCI 450, #41 or BR4 primers. The appropriate primer for an AR15 platform is the CCI #41 primer, which helps to prevent slamfires. With this primer there is more 'distance' between the tip of the anvil and the bottom of the cup." [as per: Linda Olin - CCI/Speer Technical Services].
However, primers are not interchangeable whether you use large rifle primers or large magnum rifle primers. Therefore when you build your loads stick to one primer as you work up your data. In my experience Fed and CCI primers are close, Remington on the mild side and Winchester primers are the hottest. Jan 02, 2011 · Another primer that 2 of the guys use in camp is the CCI Mag. Also, no bad reports over many,many years. There is a small little rifle and pistol, in Cabela's I think, that uses 209's to propel pellets. That would be so cool and would probably be a great test gun to get accurate results on power levels.
May 15, 2014 · When I first started loading this caliber I used the small rifle primer (In a J frame revolver) I then got more data which uses small pistol primers . It made NO difference. Do a search and you will find this topic discussed on many forums. As I posted in the CCI primer chart (many times) there is very little difference in the SP and SR ignition. Out of stock. Federal or CCI primers, which is the best. PRICE + to. 209 Primers (6) 50 BMG Primers (1) Large Pistol Primers (11) Large Rifle Primers (17) Muzzleloader Primers (10) Small Pistol Primers (13) Small Rifle Primers (15) Showing 1–12 of 73 results. Joined: Aug 14, 2007 Location: NC. Thread Tools. Out of Stock. I've seen some ...
The first “magnum” primer, the Federal 215 was designed for this very purpose. Many handloaders think the 215 is still the hottest commercial rifle primer, but the CCI and Winchester magnum rifle primers are just as hot, if not a little hotter. Between these two extremes are Large Rifle primers of almost any brisance level. Refine by Primer Style: Small Rifle Match Reset Quickview Champion Centerfire Primer .100. 100. $4.99 Available In-Store Only Type: Small Pistol; Bullet Style: ...
The primers weren’t searing very solid and blowing/dropping. I’ve also seen this on one of Johnny’s Reloading Bench m’s videos on YouTube. He’s reloading with federal primers and said they did not fit well at all due to a larger primer pocket. He switched to CCI primers and they fit much better. The MSR Recon in .224 does have a 1:7 ... Cci Ammos. 1 - 40 1 to 40 of 85 products. Refine by | Top Brands. ... Product Title RCBS Small Rifle Ammo Box for 17 Rem, 204 Ruger, 223 ... Average rating: ...
22 Long Rifle; 45 ACP ; 40 S&W; 38 Special; Primers; 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) 45 Colt (Long Colt) 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) Percussion Caps & Primers; 44 Special; 22 Short; 22 Long Rifle Shotshell; 17 Hornady Mach 2 (HM2) 22 CB; 22 Winchester Rimfire (WRF) 22 Long; Shop All 119 in CCI
  • Revit reference section not showingI downloaded this chart some time ago and it might be helpful. Shotgun Primer Catagories Hot Fed 209A CCI 209M CCI 209SC (discontinued) Med Win 209 CCI 209 Fed 209 (discontinued) Cheddite 209 Fiocchi 616 Noble Sport Mild Rem 209 Premier
  • Police blotterCci. CCI #400 PRIMERS SMALL RIFLE 5000PK CASE LOTS. CCI #400 PRIMERS SMALL RIFLE 5000PK CASE LOTSDimension: 3.40 X 6.75 X 9.55Height: 3.4000Width: 6.7500Length: 9.5500Additional Freight Charge: (Hazardous)Add $37.00QUANTITY PER PACK: 1000PACKS PER CASE: 5HAZARDOUS: YPACK NEC (KG): 0.0200CASE NEC (KG): 0...
  • Angel coulbyPrimer Cross Reference Chart 4050 S. Clark St., Mexico, MO 65265 Grafs.com • 800-531-2666 CCI Federal Fiocchi Remington Winchester
  • Hutchinson postAug 23, 2007 · I have sworn off of CCI primers over 20 years ago, at that time I was loading mostly 7 TCU & 7mm -08 both in military brass and was finding CCi primers to be hard seating ,had no problems w/ fed or win. The primer situation now being what it is to even try to find ANY primers I am considering CCI again ,besides I wanted to try CCI BR primers.
  • Jet rail retailOn the military rifle boards , the consensus (and my personal experience) is either CCI mil-spec or Winchester primers for rifles with floating firing pins like the M-14/M-1A , M-1 Garand , and AR's. I am seeing CCI mil-spec primers more and more at gun shows.
  • Soc voltage 3900x450's BR4's and #41 are all tough primers with the 450's being a great value. It may not become self-evident when loading .223, but these primers do hold more pressure in 6.5x47mm Lapua and 6mm Creedmoor loads than virtually any other small rifle primers. Remington 7.5's are tough and so are the Russian magnum small rifle primers.
  • Cs 3510 gatech redditJune 3rd, 2015 LR Primer Types Tested for Velocity, ES/SD, Group Size and More! Click Photo to read full test results in Target Shooter Magazine.. If you shoot a .308 Win, or any cartridge that uses a Large Rifle (LR) primer, you should read an important new article by Laurie Holland in Target Shooter Magazine.Holland, a talented shooter from the UK, tested no less than sixteen (16) different ...
  • Puppeteer launch timeoutCCI #400 small rifle primers Reamed primer pockets w/ drill and SR primer pocket uniformer (not ideal) Primers installed with RCBS hand primer using #34 shellholder Measured powder digitally w/ RCBS750 and verified on gravity beam scale (RCBS 10-10) Did NOT trim cases – all were within .010″ of spec trim to length. 5.1gr Longshot Low: 2119 fps
  • Polish ak47 reviewPrimer Cross Reference Chart 4050 S. Clark St., Mexico, MO 65265 Grafs.com • 800-531-2666 CCI Federal Fiocchi Remington Winchester
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I have always used Federal Gold Medal Match or CCI BR2 primers for reloading my 308 Win. I have ran across a couple thousand CCI #200 large rifle primers and picked them up since it's been so hard finding the BR2's. Is there a big difference? Will my zero at 200 yds. change? I understand...The .223 does indeed use Small Rifle primers (e.g. CCI 400); some loads use magnum primers (CCI 450). The .30-06 uses Large Rifle

Primers, Percussion caps and musket caps in stock at Rusty Wood Trading Co. Brands we carry are CCI, Winchester, Federal, Cheddite, Magtech and more Aug 01, 2009 · There is an article in the Sept. 2009 Shooting Times about primers and also about the CCI myth. I use CCI and Rem 7 1/2 in my AR loads and Remington and Winchester in my large rifle loads. I have had good succes with these primers so far and will try some Federal and CCI large rifle when they become available. CCI No 250 Magnum Large Rifle Primer 1000/Count $41.99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: CCI; Item Number: 15 BK; CCI No 350 Magnum Large Pistol Primer 1000/Count ...