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  • May 01, 2014 · 57 grains Vihtavuori N120, Barnes Original .458 Spitzer Soft Point, MMP 50 x .458 Orange Sabot. With a 2-7X Revolution scope, this thing is deadly to 200 yards.
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  • I also shot this bullet out of a T/C Omega 50 cal using the MMP sabots (Orange for .458 cal bullets) and shot this buck last night. Nosler has a winner of a bullet and you will be happy with the results! JD338 _____
Apr 08, 2012 · Because the Black HPH/24 from MMP (Modern Muzzleloading Products) work great and slide down pretty easy. Also do the same for my brother. We tried other sabots at first and as you described the bullets went down hard. But MMP makes different size sabots so once we found the correct size they went down no problem. Here's another load I tried in the LYMAN Mustang using Remington 300 grain jacketed hollow point45-70 bullets (.458 diameter) in MMP orange sabots.
Mar 16, 2010 · I put three on a half dollar at 100 yds. It was using a Hornady 300 gr XTP, MMP short sabot, over 42 grains of powder. At 44 grains, it spread out like you have seen and blew apart some of the sabots. Next time out I'll use 41, 42, and 43 grains and see what happens. I'm still working on a load for 300 gr Barnes Originals and MMP Orange sabots. provides a medical RSS filtering service. Thousands of medical RSS feeds are combined and output via different filters. This feed contains the latest research in Biotechnology
Ok, here are my standard "Orange Army" weapons. Top one is a H&R 20 gauge Ultra slugster, Nikon Monarch 3-9x40, 2 3/4" 3/4oz slug at 1,600 fps, zeroed at 100 yds. Bottom one is a T/C Omega SS with thumb whole stock and fluted barrel. Scope is a Leupold 3-9x40 VX1. Shoot 3-50 gr pyrodex pellets and a T/C 200gr shockwave, zeroed at 100yds. He informed me that these Orange sabots were intended to be used with boat tailed bullets, and that they also have a yellow version that is designed for boat tails. He said the yellow has a tapered bottom in the bullet heel area, but the orange only have a thicker petal, and is not split the entire petal length.
Sep 27, 2009 · And thanks to the ribbed sleeves of the sabot, the .458" bullet loads as easily as most .451" bullet do with a non-ribbed sabot. At the muzzle, the 130-grain charge gets the bullet on its way at 2,017 f.p.s. - with 2,938 f.p.e. Out at 200 yards, the 325-grain Hornady bullet drives home with more than 1,400 foot-pounds of knockdown power. The bullet is shown below with both the orange MMP and black Harvester Muzzleloading sabots. The expanded bullet was shot into expansion medium at 100 yards ... If I read the measurements correctly, the MMP SB is the largest OD of .508 - .509 (and would be the tightest to load), the Harvester red crush rib sabot has a slightly smaller diameter at .507 - .508, and the Harvester SB sabot having the smallest OD at .503 - .504.
May 01, 2014 · 57 grains Vihtavuori N120, Barnes Original .458 Spitzer Soft Point, MMP 50 x .458 Orange Sabot. With a 2-7X Revolution scope, this thing is deadly to 200 yards. sabot associates sabo worldwide sable networks sabioso sabio labs sabinsa sabine sabin sabic innovative platics ip bv sabic innovative plastics ip b v. sabic innovative plastics sabic innovative plastic ip bv sabic innovative plastic ip b v sabia sabeus sabert sabel plastechs sabber design manufacturing sabal medical saama technologies sa ...
9780950144436 0950144436 Formation of the Orange Order, 1795-98 - The Edited Papers of Colonel William Blacker and Colonel Robert H.Wallace, William Blacker, Robert H. Wallace 9781862391062 1862391068 Palaeo Biogeography and Biodiversity Change, No. 194 - The Ordovician and Mesozoic-cenozoic Radiations- Special Publication, J.A. Crame, A.W. Owen
  • Telegram scraper premium free download.451/.452 bullets with MMP HPH-24 sabot 505-.506 in. .451/.452 bullets with MMP 3P-EZ sabot* 502-.504 in. .458 bullets with MMP .458/.50 Orange Sabot 507 in. 451/.452 bullets w/Thompson "Superglide 2-petal sabots 504-.506 in. ( *Note: This three-petal sabot, black in color from MMP, is what Hornady sells as its red Low Drag HighVelocity sabot.)
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  • Brz cosworth superchargerHey Rick, I also shoot a CVA .45 cal. with a 1:28 twist and mine is really accurate with the 195gr Dead Center Sabots from Cabelas with 100gr of American Pioneer Powder. Go to and take a look at them. The bullet it's self is .357 dia, looks like a ballistic tip nosler boat tail except it's all lead with a polymer tip and an orange ...
  • Bar sto ported barrelThe 50 / 430 Green HPH-12 has a thicker, stronger base than the standard high performance 50 / 430 Green, and I am delighted that MMP currently offers the 50 / 458 Orange HPH sabots. That has opened up a whole new world, specifically all the .45-70 rifle bullets that you couldn't use before with current polypropylene blended product.
  • Cheaper alternatives to optavia fuelingsWe are Veteran owned and operated and have been casting the most accurate heavy conical bullets for more than 22 years. Beginning in the fall of 2018 we introduced saboted bullets to our line-up.
  • Spectracal c3I picked the Traditions Pusuit break open - Lehigh .458" 275 gr - Blackhorn 209 powder - MMP orange sabot. I found the best accuracy at 90 grs (by volume). his load grouped at 2" - 5 shots - 100 yards bench rest.
  • Samsung s8 plus display combo priceA wealth of plant species used by humans for different purposes, but mainly as food, originated and domesticated in the Mesoamerican region. Papaya (Carica papaya) is the third most cultivated ...
  • Virtustream layoffs 2020First, make sure you are using the latest version of Orange. If this doesn't fix the issue, you should be able to see an error window pop up, prompting you to submit the issue to the developers.
  • Logger32 icom 7300Sep 10, 2007 · MMP marks each sabot with a different number under the base - I believe it is the die cavity from which each one is molded. It sure would be nice if they could add the P/N so we could tell for sure! All their others are different colors but the HPH 12/24 are both black and impossible to tell apart.
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For Sale: MMP sabots black: 50-45 cal & green: 50-44 cal. Tan 45/40 cal. Purple 54/50 cal load and shoot handgun bullets in muzzle loader Sabots are required for BlackHorn209 powder Last weekend I had a lil time and had researched a bit before hand. I was probably pushing time between loads and not consistently starting the sabots. This go I waited more time between shots and started the sabot the same each shot. The recovered sabots looked a bit better than the first outing 250 xtp's 41gr 5744 Short black mmp's 3 shots